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Steps to Success

The Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable, a WestEd initiative, organizes events throughout the state to bring together diverse groups to improve education. Past meetings have included provocative discussions with state and national leaders as well as working sessions with local educators and community members. Join an upcoming meeting in your community to learn more and get involved.
"'College and career readiness' is the umbrella under which many education and workforce policies, programs and initiatives thrive." (Achieve, Inc., 2012)
With initial funding from the Helios Education Foundation, mayors from across the state have formed the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable. The organization—managed by WestEd, a research, development and service agency—will provide an important way for mayors to have in-depth discussions about education initiatives and develop common, cohesive strategies for addressing local problems.

Steps to Success

The Steps to Success is a growing initiative to seek out and re-enroll students who have dropped out of high school. Pioneered through a partnership between Tuscon Unified School and the Office of Tuscon Mayor, Steps to Success uses home visits encourage them to return to school and complete their high school education.

Since 2014, Steps to Success has enabled city officials, community members, and educational staff in Tuscon to meet with students and their families and share messages of community support and academic assistance, helping to re-enroll 384 students. So far 64 of these students have graduated from high school.

In 2016, Steps to Success expanded to Phoenix, where Mayor Greg Stanton’s office is partnering with Phoenix Union High School District and community organizations to engage with Phoenix students and their families.

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