Our Work

Our Work

The Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable, a WestEd initiative, organizes events throughout the state to bring together diverse groups to improve education. Past meetings have included provocative discussions with state and national leaders as well as working sessions with local educators and community members. Join an upcoming meeting in your community to learn more and get involved.
"'College and career readiness' is the umbrella under which many education and workforce policies, programs and initiatives thrive." (Achieve, Inc., 2012)
With initial funding from the Helios Education Foundation, mayors from across the state have formed the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable. The organization—managed by WestEd, a research, development and service agency—will provide an important way for mayors to have in-depth discussions about education initiatives and develop common, cohesive strategies for addressing local problems.

The Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable gives mayors, who typically have limited opportunities to become involved in their public schools, the chance to share ideas, learn from more experienced peers and experts, and participate in new, place-based convenings and discussions among mayors, their staff, urban superintendents, school district leadership, and community members.

The framework for the work of the Arizona Mayors Educational Roundtable is a focus on getting all students to be college and career ready, with the understanding that individual cities may work to reach that goal in different ways, depending on school districts and community priorities.

Goals of the Roundtable

Members of the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable are organized around two key activities:

  • Support Local Initiatives: The Arizona Roundtable also supports city-school district engagement and collaborations on local education issues identified above through technical assistance and support to mayors, school superintendents, their respective staff, and community stakeholders to develop and implement evidence-based approaches to improving outcomes in their cities and to build political and cross-sector engagement in planning local education agendas.
  • Expand the Knowledge Base and Learning Network of Mayors: Through research and resources, including state and national expertise, meetings, partnerships and funding opportunities, as well as online tools and resources, the Arizona Roundtable builds a collective knowledge base that can help accelerate local and statewide action.

According to their Web site, Helios Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education. The Foundation strategically invests in programs and initiatives which address some of the most critical issues affecting education today. Read more